TUSLA - Statement of Strategy for School Attendance

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Roll Number

The school's vision and values in relation to attendance

The school's high expectations around attendance

How attendance will be monitored

Summary of the main elements of the school's approach to attendance:

  • Target setting and targets

  • The whole-school approach

  • Promoting good attendance

  • Responding to poor attendance

School roles in relation to attendance

Partnership arrangements (parents, students, other schools, youth and community groups

How the Statement of Strategy will be monitored

Ballyleague N.S.

Ballyleague, Co Roscommon


-The school recognises the importance of school attendance for the success of a child’s educational experience.

-The school recognises that absenteeism can have a serious detrimental effect on a child’s learning.

-The school recognises its responsibility in encouraging and promoting full attendance among its students.

-The school recognises its role in communicating with parents and other relevant parties with regard to promoting full attendance among its students.

-The Attendance policy of the school focuses on the welfare of every child, especially those who may be vulnerable through absenteeism.

- The school expects and encourages high attendance and punctuality.

-This expectation is clearly communicated to parents, guardians and pupils.

-The school’s attendance policy is available on the school web site.

- Full attendance is rewarded every year.

-An Electronic Roll is marked on a daily basis.

-All absences require a written note.

- If a note is not forthcoming on the first day of return parents are reminded immediately.

-Parents are contacted in regard to frequent absences or unexplained absences.

-The deputy principal consults with the principal and monitors attendance daily, weekly and monthly.

-Our target for the school year is to keep absences under 6% of the total school attendance days.

-We foster a very positive and supportive atmosphere in our school.

- We support and encourage an active child centred curriculum, and take account of specific learning needs.

-We reward full attendance with certificates at the end of the year.

-We monitor attendance closely and follow up immediately on any unexplained absences.

-We make sure that parents are aware of school policies on attendance.

-We ensure that parents are aware of the value of consistently high attendance.

-We work together in partnership with teachers, parents, board of management and children to create a happy vibrant learning environment, so that children enjoy coming to school.

Ballyleague N.S. will:

  • Provide and implement an Attendance Policy

  • Follow a whole school approach to attendance

  • Set standards and targets for high attendance

  • Communicate attendance goals to parent, pupils and other stakeholders

  • Record and monitor school attendance

  • Promote good attendance

  • Respond to absences

  • Support vulnerable pupils

Celebrate and affirm pupils and their achievements.

-The school works with parents to encourage high attendance and to discourage absenteeism.

-School policies are communicated to parents and all unexplained absences are followed up.

- Parents are encouraged to have their children in time for school every day.

-As a relatively small school with a relatively small cohort of parents, our parents/carers are known to the  secretary and teaching staff, which facilitates good communication.

-The school maintains an open relationship with the community Gardaí who visit the school every year.

-We provide a variety of learning activities within school to encourage attendance.

-We participate in Green Schools, Discover Primary Science, Active School Flag, Athletics, Cumann na mBunscól, Tag Rugby, FAIS Soccer, Young Entrepeneur,  Peace Proms, Community Games, Quizes, local and community events.

-We engage with local Tidy Towns, Credit Union, local festivals, and community events.

-We work closely with our parish.

The Statement of Strategy will be monitored regularly by the staff of the school and will be reviewed on an annual basis by the board of Management.

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