Build your own Christmas Tree!

We used two sheets of green card and cut to shape of a tree we then cut each card up the centre and inserted into each other. We decorated the card by drawing and colouring baubles on it. We put on the battery operated fairy lights. We stuck the tree onto cardboard and stuck on paper to look like flooring. We then wrapped little boxes as presents and stuck a wooden star with gold glitter. We had great fun making and designing our own Christmas tree for our classroom. #20192020SchoolYear

What is a Volcano?

What is a volcano? A volcano is an opening in the earth’s crust. Where hot liquid rocks from deep called magma erupts to the surface. Magma and Lava When rock beneath the earth’s surface gets really hot it gets molten or liquid. When it is below the surface it is called magma. When the magma erupts to the surface through the volcano it’s called lava. The hotter and thinner the lava is the farther it will flow. Activity A volcano can be active, dormant or extinct. An active volcano has recently erupted or currently erupting. A dormant volcano that hasn’t erupted for a long time but can still erupt. An extinct volcano is one that scientists think will never erupt again. School Activity At scho

'It's a Wrap' Project

We took part in a project called IT's a Wrap" organised by Dr Yvonne Lang of Sligo I.T. We collected all the plastic wrapping materials we had accumulated in our homes over a ten day period. The wrappings were mostly food wrapping in plastic packaging. we sorted all the wrappers into categories, vegetable and fruit wrappers, bread wrappers, toilet roll plastics, drink bottles etc. we discovered that plastic comes in different varieties, some of which can be recycled. Some plastic contains polypropylene. Some plastic contains polyethylene which is often shown as Pet or Pete on the container or wrapping. This can be recycled. We studied the make up of each kind of plastic under a special mach

Irish Dancers

Congratulations to Mrittika, Rebecca, Alice and Ria who all won medals for irish dancing at a Feis last weekend. Well done girls!! #20192020SchoolYear


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