Homework Policy

Why is homework necessary?


Homework is necessary because it


  • Reinforces what has been taught in school

  • Provides a sound basis for future study habits

  • Allows parents to maintain contact with what has been taught in school

  • Affords parents opportunities to take an active part in their child’s learning

  • Enables parents to identify with their child’s / children strengths and weaknesses from an early age


Homework Notebooks


We ask that each child from second class onwards maintains a homework notebook, in which homework is recorded and through which the class teacher / parent may communicate if necessary.


Notes excusing homework should be only written rarely by the pupil’s parent / guardian and then only for reasons such as illness or a particular difficulty.


How much homework is appropriate?


Here follows a suggested time schedule for homework.  This time frame may vary from child to child depending on ability and work approach.


Infants                          15 minutes

First Class                    20 minutes

Second Class               30 minutes

Third Class                   40 minutes

Fourth/Fifth Class         60 minutes

Sixth Class                   60 – 75 minutes


We stress the importance of reading and ask that special attention be given to reading school texts and other materials nightly.  We strongly advise that your child also becomes a member of a public library and avails of this service on a regular basis, in addition to the reading materials provided by the school.


Please ensure that your child does not leave all his/her test preparation e.g. spellings until the night before a test, thereby lengthening that evening’s work considerably.


On what days is homework given?


In general homework is given 4 nights a week.  There is a general practice of no homework at the weekends.


Exceptions to the free weekend policy may occur if the following circumstances:


  • Occasionally, it may be necessary for the pupils to engage in research/project work.

  • Test corrections (where applicable) may need to be completed and checked by parents.

  • Weekend work may be given as a consequence of misbehaviour and/or insufficient work output during the previous week.

  • Reading projects may need additional time during weekends.


Some Additional Comments:


  • Younger children may need a break after school before commencing homework.  They may be tired after their day at school.  However, it is advisable to complete homework before it is ­too late in the evening.­


  • In school, children are asked to write down their homework and also to pack the books and copies necessary for that evening’s study.  If books are “left” at school, your child is strongly encouraged to seek books from a classmate so that all homework may be completed.  This encourages your child to develop skills of personal organisation and responsibility.  Homework which is not done must be completed during break time or the following evening.


  • Please do not allow your child to do his/her homework assignments “in front of the television or to be distracted by other unnecessary technology devices”.


The Staff of Ballyleague National School remains as ever, committed to your child’s education and thanks you for your continued support.

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