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CRAFTed Project

The pupils in 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes have been working with professional fibre atist Frances Crowe as part of CRAFTed programme for primary schools. Through this project, we aim to highlight the positive effects of physical activity and also work towards achieving our school’s first Active School Flag.

Week One

The children mimed, freeze framed various types of sporting activities. They then created a story context for their favourite physical activity. The pose was narrowed down to an image of the chosen action. This image was then pared back further to create a positive and negative symbol of their chosen activity.

Week Two

The Children and Frances explored pattern and print using fruit and raw vegetables. The children discussed texture, colour and design. The learned how to create their own potato print patterns using a butter knife.

Week Three

The Children designed their own posters on the theme of Active School Flag week.

Children chose their headings using prints of the alphabet when they cut out, glued and stuck on. Some children used multi coloured stick on letters, others used stencils and some designed from scratch.

The children had great fun designing their Active School Flag Week posters.

The children also made a portrait and landscape Active Flag wall hangings.

The used acetate A4 sheets to create stencils based on active school activities. Using special paint, they placed their stencils on to a piece of plain white cotton and printed the stencil on to the cloth.

The stencils were left to dry over the weekend. The dried cotton stencils were then sewed together to form a patch work wall hanging.

Week Four

Frances brought in antique wood blocks. The carved wood blocks were over a hundred years old and showed the following nursery rhymes:

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • Mary had a little lamb

  • The cow jumped over the moon

  • The old woman who lived in a shoe

  • Little Miss Muffet

The children practised printing techniques using the antique blocks. They used special paint to cover blocks using rollers.

Then they covered the blocks with A4 white paper and using a clean roller they rolled over the block so the imprint transferred on to the paper.

When the prints were dry the children crafted their own Nursery Rhyme Books to illustrate the rhymes.

Week Five

Each child brought in a plain white cotton t-shirt.

Frances brought in a piece of equipment called a 'printing screen'. Frances cut out a stencil, based on the Active School Flag theme.

The screen was filled with a small amount of special red ink. Each child rolled the 'squeegie' up and down across the front of their white t-shirt.

The t-shirts were hung up across the classroom to dry on a clothes line. They were then ironed so the ink would become permanent.

See picture below of us wearing our t-shirts.

We all learned loads about printing and had great fun doing this project.





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