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Congratulations! We Just Built a Wormery

Hi Everyone! We just built a wormery in our school. American Environmentalist, Craig, came to our school last Friday.

We prepared for the project by collecting up bags and bags of leaves from deciduous trees, (trees which lose their leaves in Autumn). We also collected up cardboard boxes and loads of shredded paper.

With Craig's help we mixed up the leaves and paper and cardboard and some soil in a barrel with water, to moisten the mixture. We added the mixture to a large container, with a lid. Finally we added in the worms and some stale food and some soil.

The only kinds of food allowed in the wormery are fruit peelings, vegetable peelings, tea-bags, some paper, garden clippings, ... On no condition are we allowed to put in animal proteins like raw or cooked meat, eggs or egg shells because these attract rats.

Every week, we will check the wormery and if the worms have eaten the food we will add more, in sections, to the wormery and over time the worms will change what's in the wormery into compost. We will use the compost in our pollinator garden in the Spring!

Thanks to a really great team for making this happen...... More news in Spring.


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