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Lilliput - Senior Tour

3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class school tour report by Krishaan

On the 6th of June last we travelled to Lilliput in Mullingar. I was excited while I was on the bus.

When we got there we were greeted by some instructors. We soon got to the first activity, rock climbing. We were strapped onto bungee ropes and we had to climb a rock wall.

We went bog hopping after. This was my favourite activity of the tour. We went through mud, small tunnels and water and at the end we jumped into the water. Nearly everyone was covered top to bottom with mud!

Soon we went canoeing, my canoe almost tipped over and it was hard for my partner to synchronize with me, the water was very cold.

We had a hot shower and changed our clothes, then we had our lunch, there was a shop where you could buy treats and drinks.

We walked to the forest after to play capture the flag, the first few rounds was 3rd & 4th vs 5th & 6th, on the last round everyone went against the instructors - it was called the Goblin Round. We played a mini-game first where one of the instructors ran after us. Each person that he passed meant that time for Goblin Round was shortened.

Then we played sniping - you have ten seconds to move and hide, after ten seconds you have to stay in one spot and if an instructor sees you, you are out.

We did a spider-web game where we went through the holes in a web. You couldn’t touch the web or you would have to restart. After we got through a hole, the hole we went through closed, you could expand the holes with sticks.

We had lunch again and there were three dogs that we could play with.

There was a short game of running and screaming. It sounds easy but running and screaming takes your breath away, if we stop screaming we need to stop running.

There was one more activity, orienteering; I disliked this activity. We were given a card and a map, and we went around the area and found stamps we had to put on the card.

Overall I liked the tour and I would recommend Lilliput to other people.


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