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Our wonderful trip to Atlantaquaria

On Thursday, 24th October pupils from third class up to sixth class travelled to Atlantaquaria in Galway. All pupils were ecstatic about their day out. We left the school at 8.30am sharp.

Our bus was very cool; it had a toilet on it and a television. When we arrived we were escorted to a small classroom to eat lunch and there we met our friendly guides. We had some lunch and after we learned about different marine sea life.

When we did all the listening work we played a game and did an experiment - how to make a filter. After that the real fun began. When the next group came back we were led out by Jamie our instructor to see all the collections of fish.

Jamie brought us to a colourful grey large fish, sadly they were locked up so we couldn’t touch them but we enjoyed observing them. Jamie showed us different types of crabs. We could feel and look at the slimy discoloured crabs. Next we were shown the tropical fish. They nibbled on your fingers. My favourite type of fish was the kissing fish - it tickled you when you gave them bread. The different textures of the fish were interesting!

When we finished touching the fish we went and saw a baby shark, it wouldn’t come close to us though, but the rays loved being touched and played with - one of the rays even jumped out of the water!

After that we went down to the splash pool. It’s called the splash pool for one reason. It splashes every two minutes. It frightened most of us when it splashed because we were standing under it and we got splashed!

Following our tour we went back to the room and had some food again before we left and went to the lovely gift shop. After leaving the gift shop we took some photos, then hopped on the hot bus. It was so much fun. Around an hour and a half later we arrived back at the school with loads to tell our parents about the fantastic day out at the Galway Aquarium!


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