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5th and 6th Class

Fifth and Sixth class created volcanoes as part of Science Week. They made them using paper mache, tin foil, cardboard, a plastic bottle and paint.

They created a chemical reaction by mixing an acid and an alkali together. They mixed 3 teaspoons of baking soda, a few drops of washing up liquid, 500ml of water, a few drops of food colouring and 250ml of vinegar together to create their own pyroclastic flow.

We hope you enjoy the results.

3rd and 4th Class

As part of 'Science Week', 3rd and 4th class had a very special visitor on Wednesday the 16th of November. Lucretia Hardiman, a scientist from The National University of Galway, visited the school to complete some science experiments on the school yard involving rockets.

1st and 2nd Class

During 'Science Week' 1st and 2nd class completed two experiments.

The first experiment we completed was 'The Bubble Experiment'. We blew really big bubbles by wetting the surface with water and dipping our straws into a soap and water solution. Then we blew on the desk surface and made big bubbles. Some of us even blew a bubble inside of a bubble.

We had so much fun!!

For our second experiment we created a catapult. We investigated how far different materials would travel. We discovered that pompoms travelled the furthest.