Supervision Policy

Introduction: This policy was reviewed in March 2018. It applies to all staff and children during school hours, break times, and on all school related activities. 

Rationale: Ballyleague N.S. has adopted D.E.S. Child Protection Procedures 2017 and the board of management and staff will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of its pupils during school time and during all school related activities.


To this end, Ballyleague N.S, Supervision Policy has been drawn up, to cover as many likely eventualities as possible.


Relationship to the Characteristic Ethos of the School: This policy is in keeping with the school ethos of providing a safe secure environment for learning for all pupils and the wider school community.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To develop an effective framework to ensure, in so far as is practicable, the safety of children while at play on the yard, or while engaged in school related activities.

  • To observe and monitor behavioural patterns outside the confines of the classroom

  • To contribute towards effective in-school management and to comply with relevant legislation.


Assembly and Dismissal of Pupils: 

Classes begin at 9:20a.m.

  • The school does not accept any responsibility for pupils before 9:10a.m. when pupils may line up outside the front doors of the school.

  • Pupils from the senior room may line up in an orderly fashion beside the senior room.

  • Junior infants, senior infants, first class and so on enter the school in an orderly fashion.

  • Children who arrive on a bicycle must dismount and place their bicycle in the bike rack.

  • The school accepts no responsibility for the safe keeping of bicycles on the school grounds.

  • The school accepts no responsibility for children alighting from cars and school buses outside the school gates.

  • The school accepts no responsibility for children outside the school gates.


Junior and Senior Infants leave the school at 2:00p.m. daily

  • These pupils are led out to the front door by their class teacher, and as they recognise their parent at the gate, they are allowed to move forward, with the permission of their teacher, to meet the adult responsible for collecting them.

  • The school expects all children to be collected promptly at 2:00p.m.


  • Parents must notify the school in advance, if a person, other than the person who normally collects their child, will be picking up their child at going home time, in a written note, or by a phone call to the school, or in person.


Pupils from first class to sixth class leave the school under the direction of their class teacher in an orderly fashion at 3:00p.m.

  • Parents are obliged to make arrangements to have their children collected promptly at 3:00p.m.

  • Children who are collected by car walk towards the gate to their car. If the car to collect them is not immediately visible to them, they return to the front porch until they see their car pull up outside.

  • Children who travel home by bus proceed to the buses straight away parked in front of the school gate.

  • Children are prohibited from cycling inside the school grounds.

  • Children are prohibited from loitering unnecessarily outside the school gate.

  • If there are any difficulties re collection, children may ring the bell and enter the school and inform a staff member, and their parents will be phoned straight away.

  • Persistent non collection of children, is a breach of the school’s Child Protection Procedures, and will be brought to the attention of the relevant Child Protection authorities.

  • The school does not accept any responsibility for children outside the school gates.

Staff Supervision Duties:

All teachers are assigned to supervision duties as follows.


Yard Supervision

  • A yard rota is drawn up by the vice-principal

  • The yard rota is visible in each classroom, in the staff room.

  • This rota outlines the rota for break times at 11:00a.m and 12:30pm

  • Children begin eating their lunch at 12 30pm.

  • Children are allowed out on to the yard at 12 40p.m. when outside supervision begins.

  • The yard is divided in to play areas for junior, middle and senior classes.

  • There is a play rota organised for the middle and senior classes allowing for opportunities for both of these groups to access the grassy areas, the astro turf pitch, basketball court dependant on the weather and the seasons.

  • An SNA may also be on duty at play time on the yard, in a supervisory capacity for SEN students.

  • The SNA can also act as an observer and in a reporting capacity to the supervisory teacher.

  • At the end of break times, the supervisory teacher will report any incidents of concern to the relevant class teacher.

  • Teachers on yard duty oversee the line- up of classes at the end of break.

  • Complaints from children during break times are brought to the attention of the supervisory teacher

  • On wet days, supervisory staff supervise the corridors and classrooms indoors.

  • Older children may assist the younger children.

  • Minor injuries are also dealt with by the supervisory teacher on yard duty

  • If deemed necessary, the child may be sent in to the staff room if further attention to the injury is required, or if the parent needs to be informed

  • The school’s anti-bullying /code of behaviour covers incidents of misbehaviour on the yard.

  • If a supervisory teacher is unexpectedly absent or otherwise engaged, the teacher will inform the principal, and the principal or deputy principal will arrange a reciprocal arrangement with another colleague.

  • Parents or non Garda vetted personnel are not allowed access to the children’s yard.

  • On wet days, supervisory staff supervise the corridors and classrooms indoors.


Visiting Coaches/Personnel to Supplement Curricular Programmes:

  • class teacher will continue to supervise his/her class during coaching or supplementary activities organised by the school

  • visiting coaches will be required to provide proof of up to date Garda Vetting

  • responsibility for discipline rests with the supervisory class teacher

  • the class teacher will remain with his/her class during visits of personnel, to the school to supplement curricular programmes

  • the exception to this rule are visits by mandated personnel, such as the NEPS psychologist where the one to one teaching policy will apply.


Supervision during Educational Outings/Activities:

  • During out of school activities such as games, swimming, tours, every effort is made by the school to ensure adequate levels of supervision are put in place.  The level of supervision is usually one adult per 15 children.

  • Educational outings will require written parental consent.

  • The school’s Anti-Bulllying and Code of Behaviour policies apply and pupils must follow class teachers’ safety instructions.


Classroom Supervision:

  • Class teachers supervise their own classes

  • On occasion another teacher may be called to step in should a critical incident occur

  • During an unanticipated emergency or critical incident, a senior pupil may be called on to assist the class teacher

  • To minimise disruption, parents are requested to make appointments in advance if they wish to discuss matters with the class teacher

  • Class teachers will be given a copy of safe-guarding statement and will be required to have up to date Garda Vetting.


One to One Class Teaching Supervision:

  • During one to one class teaching, there will be a transparent glass panel in the classroom door or the classroom door will remain open.

  • To minimise disruption, parents are requested to make appointments in advance if they wish to discuss matters with the class teacher

  • Class teachers will be given a copy of safe-guarding statement and will be required to have up to date Garda Vetting.


Pupils Who Need to Leave School Early During the School Day:

  • Parents whose children need to leave school early during the school day must communicate with the school in advance, in writing, or by phone, or in person, and inform the school who is responsible for collecting the child and the arrangements for returning the child to school.

  • The school is absolved from supervision of the child during such absences.


Parents, Volunteers, Visitors to the School:

  • Parents are required to make an appointment in advance if they wish to discuss matters with their child’s class teacher

  • Parents without current Garda Vetting will not be allowed unsupervised access to the children in the school

  • Parents are not allowed unsupervised access to the yard, during play.

  • Parents coming to the school to collect children during the school day, must buzz the front door to gain admittance and report to the child’s class teacher or the school secretary first.


  • Visitors to the school must buzz the front door, report to the adult who answers the door who will inform the class teacher or principal of their presence in the school

  • Visitors to the school carrying out contract or repair work must do so outside of school contact teaching hours

  • Caretaking, grass cutting, cleaning will be carried out by personnel outside of school contact teaching hours.

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